What *am* I doing here?  As mothers I think we ask ourselves that question daily and at times hourly!  I am here (on this blog, anyway) to share my stories, anecdotes, thoughts, ideas, and creative solutions all relating to coping with rearing my children.  In the, hopefully not fruitless, attempt to keep my sanity.

My aspiration for this blog is that the stories I share will bring smiles, laughter, tears, help another mother through a trying time, or conceivably give someone the answer to “How do I get my toddler to sleep at night without a bottle while keeping the screaming down to under 20 minutes?”. Although personally, I’m way outta that stage of the game, I may have tried something that you haven’t so feel free to hit me up.

I welcome anyone to partake and participate!  If you’d like to be included please send an email to: dstanley@mothermusing.com so that we may all benefit from your stupidity brilliance (hey we’ve all been there), or hilarious story.


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