Reflections or me over thinking shit again

I’ve been thinking a lot about my junior high school years (aka middle school- depending on your vernacular) clearly a result of my Honey bunny starting junior high later this year -my natural inclination would have been to say ‘in the Fall’ but kids start school in the middle of August now so that just doesn’t make sense any more. This is another trippy stage for me to go through as a mom. Goody! Kinda makes me nostalgic for the infant period when I was up every couple hours for feeding. *snort* At least I didn’t have to worry about girl drama, dating, and under-age drinking.

So I had a rough couple years (my junior high was just 7th & 8th grade as will be my Honey bunny’s), it was like I went temporarily insane or something because I got just a bit outta control. Frankly, I think all middle schoolers go a bit crazy. That’s why they have to put them in a completely separate school, so they don’t get the crazy on everyone else -that gem of wisdom courtesy of my ever brilliant friend Jan.

My hope is that Honey bunny won’t do what I did. And don’t most parents say that very thing? In fact, isn’t there a song lyric about ‘don’t do as I’ve done’? I know there is a necessary evil there, kids have to stretch and push against the boundries and that is totally a normal part of growing up and becoming independant, I just pray that because we are more able to be involved in her school life and extra curricular activities that we will minimize the crazies. And help guide her through this tumultuous time.

Let me just say that there are moments when I wish I could go back in time to alter some events in my junior high & high school years but then I wouldn’t be the person I am today, right? Right. So even though I wish I could make different decisions or behave differently, I am also glad that I did exactly as I did. Though I still have some regrets. And some seriously cringe-worthy memories. It is what it is.

Whoever is in charge up there (God, Universe, whathaveyou) look out for me and help ME make it through this time cuz my child will probably be just fine!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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