How I make back the allowance money we pay the gremlins or who knows how to flush a toilet


Let me start this out by saying, I did not make this sign. This sign was created by my Honey bunny -for her & her sister- as a reminder to flush the toilet. Why? Because they keep forgetting to flush & its disgusting. That’s why.

Look, I don’t have a problem with the whole “when it’s yellow, let it mellow & when its brown, flush it down” expression for water conservation (I grew up with that one) & given the weather conditions this winter we’re gonna need to save EVERY POSSIBLE DROP of water but they’re forgetting the ‘when its brown, flush it down’ part that keeps this whole thing in check. Then I end up dealing with the grossest mess ever plus the half a row of toilet paper that is also thrown in. Yuck! Yuck! Double yuck! I can’t tell you the number of times the toilet has clogged and nearly overflowed because of that.

So, after too many times cleaning up the foul mess for them, I instituted the $5 payment from EACH of the gremlins REGARDLESS of who actually left the mess, thereby eliminating the “it wasn’t me!” argument.

The other day Honey bunny had the audacity to tell me she’d give me an extra dollar to flush it for her!! And on top of that, she said it all casual like as she handed me the money! I’ll tell you what, I almost flipped out. What other form of punishment should there be cuz I damn sure ain’t gonna reward them for doing what they should be doing anyway!!

I’m in a bind. I want them to conserve water, we should all be doing this anyway (as far as I’m concerned) but how do I get them to remember WHEN THEY GO POOP to flush the blasted toilet!!? Clearly the sign is not working anymore. I’m not sure it ever worked. However I am getting back quite a lot of the allowance we pay them on a weekly basis, so I suppose that’s a plus. Yesterday Honey bunny gave me $5 of the $6 dollars she earned.

What to do, what to do? If you’ve got any suggestions, then I’d be delighted to hear them.


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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