Wherein I whine about time going by quickly and my kids getting older but what else is new?

Life moves pretty fast. But I’m sure that isn’t news to any of you. We are coming to the end of another school year. 6 days and counting down. And while I am really happy about it on the one hand (not having to get the gremlins to school so damn early in the morning, homework, projects, so on and so forth), on the other hand it means that I’ll have a 6th grader and 1st grader! Aaaaaaaah! Where has the time gone?? I can’t believe my kids are so old. Ha. Yeah, I know that means that I’m old, too. Deh.

I’m not looking forward to homework assignments, which ~I’m sure~ will be harder and therefore more time consuming for Honey bunny. This, of course, equals me spending more time helping her. And Pumpkin will be in school full day! Yay! No more running back & forth to pick up two children at two completely different times.

I feel like there is a point when things will slow down. At least I hope it will. If we can just make it through the next week, then things should be less busy. *crosses fingers* We’ve got some fabulous trips planned for the summer. Trips that I’ve been anticipating for awhile now. I’ll have to remember to try extraspecially (yes, I did just mash-up those words) not to rush through the vacays. Or life, in general. Remember to slooooooooww down and enjoy the time. Stop to smell the roses. As ‘they’ say. Whoever ‘they’ are.


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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