And then my head exploded

My little Pumpkin had her 6th birthday a couple weeks ago and I can hardly believe it. So many years gone so quickly. Of course during those moments it didn’t feel quick (more like eons and eons) but looking back on it now, it seems like the years went by incredibly fast. I get it now.

She’s such a character. She really makes me laugh with her antics & her sense of humor & she’s smart as a whip. I might be biased. 

We decided to have her birthday party at our house in an effort to save some money. Why, oh why, didn’t I just have the party at Chuck E Cheese?! Between cleaning the house in preparation of the party, having the party ~including organizing all the games/activities, and then cleaning up the huge mess after the party, it would have been a hellova lot easier to go to Chuck E Cheese. Oh, and it was raining buckets of rain so we were unable to do any party games outside. 

Six screeching girls & one poor little boy running around my house. Good times. Add in the birthday girl crying a half dozen times because her friends weren’t doing what she wanted them to do. I kept singing the “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” lyrics. So much fun! I’ve never had more fun. *sarcasm*

Honey bunny’s been asking more questions about sex and pregnancy. She asked the husband if we still have S- E- X because she understands that we had to have S- E- X in order for her and her sister to be born but, you know, do we STILL do it? Sure, he gave her a simplified answer but he told her that maybe she should talk to her mother about the rest of it. Yep, that would be me. Nice! Way to pass off the difficult questions, sweetie. 

It is quite interesting discussing these sorts of things with my eleven year old. Wasn’t she just a baby? Why is she asking me questions about sex?!!! It’s like the commercial with the little girl sitting in the driver seat of a car with the Dad talking to her about being careful & when the camera focuses back on her – she’s a teenager. Have you seen that one? Yeah, well that’s how I feel. 


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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