40 after 40

I’m shocked, is it possible? Really, really possible that I’m already 40?! Most days I don’t believe it. There are days, however that I feel EVERY BIT as old as 40 and then some.

I found this article awhile ago… 40 things every woman should do before she turns 40. In fact, this whole post got put on hold for about a year and a half around the time my father’s health finally began to fail because of the damn cancer, radiation, and chemo. I’ve only -in the last few months- gotten back into a place that I feel like writing again and that includes finishing this post which has been in draft mode all this time. So here goes my list of 40 things to do AFTER turning 40 since clearly I can’t do them BEFORE turning 40. Although I don’t agree with everything on The Frisky list, it is still a good idea to do most of the listed items for the pure sake of experience.  

Well, without further ado:

  1. Go somewhere in Canada ~even if its only Vancouver British Columbia, it’s still Canada! 
  2. Learn how to speak Chinese ~sooner rather than later 
  3. Go to South America ~I think Brazil, specifically 
  4. Finish writing the book I’ve been writing for the last *ahem* 2 yrs *ahem*
  5. Go to Japan 
  6. Drive a car over 100 mph ~I’ve come close but never quite reached 100, don’t want to get that ticket!
  7. Go to Greece 
  8. Try my hand at painting
  9. Go on a Cruise ~even if it has to be a Disney cruise
  10. Visit All 50 States ~so far I’ve been to 13 of them  
  11. Take a picture at the White House ~inside the Oval Office would be ideal but beggers can’t be choosers
  12. Sing Karaoke – which ought to be EXTREMELY hysterical & painful for those listening 
  13. Go to the top of the St. Louis Arch 
  14. Go down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans or ~really~ any place in New Orleans 
  15. Take a ride in a hot air balloon 
  16. Go sky diving ~I can’t believe I’m saying this!! OK maybe I’ll do that indoor air flying thing instead 
  17. Go snowmobiling 
  18. Go to the top of Seattle Space Needle 
  19. Travel by train 
  20. Travel by motorcycle 
  21. Go to the rain forest 
  22. Go to Niagara Falls ~maybe make the trip into a 2nd honeymoon! For the cheezy factor.
  23. Ride on an elephant 
  24. In India
  25. Go to Russia
  26. Swim with dolphins 
  27. Go to the Olympics ~preferrably the Summer Olympics
  28. Walk on the Great Wall of China 
  29. Swim in the Mediterranean
  30. Go to Mexico
  31. Visit Amsterdam
  32. Relearn to speak French ~yeah, relearn. What you don’t use, you lose
  33. Relearn to speak German ~ditto!
  34. Stay in a real log cabin in Yosemite or Yellowstone or some such place
  35. VENICE!! I want to go to Venice
  36. Try surfing again ~whenever we make it back to Maui
  37. Act in a play
  38. Stay at an Inn somewhere in Vermont
  39. Go to Ireland
  40. Finish my ancestry chart!


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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