I’m a brat

I was looking through a bunch of old pictures and came across this photo of Pumpkin. She was about 1 yr old when this was taken. And to this day, she still is a brat. A funny, entertaining, smart, adorable brat but a brat nonetheless. Plus, this just happens to go along with my post on remembering old times. 

Here’s the story behind the photo:

The husband wrote this on a sticky address label & stuck it to her shirt as a bit of a joke. You see, she was coming with me to the office on a daily basis and the two of us were getting pretty sick of the arrangement. She was frustrated because she couldn’t do all the kid things that she wanted to do and I was frustrated from telling her NO! all the time while attempting to simultaneously get work done. Yeah, it wasn’t long after this point that she started going to day care. And I’m so glad that she did. It was the best decision ever. For us. And I’m not going to get into a whole discussion about whether day care is right or wrong. You just gotta make the decision for yourself & your situation. 

Oh, there is still some mommy guilt for me around this but I’m working through it. Someone hold me. 


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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