Growing up fast

I feel as if I am constantly trying to slow down my Honey bunny. What do I mean? She’s growing up, getting bigger, becoming a young lady, and I’m doing just about everything in my power to make sure she doesn’t grow up too fast.

Is it wrong of me? Maybe. Do I think it’s the wrong way to handle it? Well, obviously no. But this is not to say that I’m not still helping her become an independent person, the thing is I really don’t want her to rush into her teenage years before she is actually a teenager. Make sense?

Like getting a cell phone and texting apps and email accounts and so on.

There is plenty of time yet for those things. But of course, she wants them all & she wants them all NOW. And she isn’t afraid to whine, beg, ask, whine, beg, and ask again. Even though we’ve told her 5,000 times that she isn’t getting a cell phone or email until point X in time.

I know there are parents who let their children have cell phones in the 5th grade (or earlier & that is their right) but for me (and our situation) I don’t feel it’s necessary for a 10 yr old to have a cell phone or email or texting abilities.

I guess I don’t want her to miss out on being a kid. Like not having to worry about things that are still way over her head. I suppose I’m trying to protect her for a bit longer before I become known only as the annoying, interfering parent. Or wait? Maybe I’m already known as that….

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2 thoughts on “Growing up fast

  1. I totally agree with keeping your child a kid for as long as possible. Emiliano still doesn’t have a phone and I don’t feel he needs one. You’re doing a great job of raising her and we are glad to call her our friend ( and you guys too!)

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