Elf on the shelf

You see this innocent looking elf sitting so benignly on the shelf? Yeah, it’s a huge thorn in my side! Why? You may ask. Because it is just ONE MORE THING I have to remember in the month of December in addition to the dozen birthdays and two dozen Christmas gifts I have to remember to get, that’s why!!

If you don’t know about this Elf on the Shelf guy, then let me fill you in on the deal… so last year my mother decided we too should enjoy the lovely tradition of the elf on a shelf. This little elf comes with a storybook explaining all about how ‘Clyde’ -as he is known in our house- comes to stay during December to watch the boys and/or girls to make sure they are being good children and then every night he “leaves” to report to Santa Claus as to whether or not they’re behaving. Then he “returns” the next day in a new location somewhere in your home. Can you see where this is going?

I’ve forgotten about moving him 3 of the 7 days of the month already! Oh, I eventually remember to move him but usually it’s the next morning. Last year I lost track of the number of times I awoke in the middle of the night only to scramble outta bed to move him. Last night I forgot entirely & when the gremlins were leaving for school this morning, Pumpkin asked where Clyde was and I said, “Oh S#%T!!” not out loud -obviously- but in my head because he was in exactly the same spot as yesterday!!

I’ll have to come up with a clever story to explain why he didn’t move. Awesome. So much fun!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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