Here comes Santa Claus

I’ve put up all my Christmas decor! Two trees and all the ornaments, wreathes, ribbons, garlands with lights, Santa statues, and so on and on. Why? Why do I go through all this every year? Because I LOVE IT! Christmas time is really my favorite time of year. Not so much the commercialism but the celebrating with family and friends. Creating special memories for my gremlins. That matters to me. And a huge part of that is all the decorations. And the music! Gotta have the Christmas music playing all while we set everything up. Helps with the ambiance. I’m listening to Christmas tunes as I type!  


I did a good portion of the decorating by myself… it just tends to go faster that way. Big surprise! I’ll tell you though, it sort of backfired on me slightly when Pumpkin saw that I’d put the trees up without her. HUGE meltdown. Near epic proportions. Once she calmed down; she noticed I hadn’t put any ornaments on the trees. So they helped place the ornaments ALL IN ONE SPOT. Its always hilarious to me that they seem to forget there is a whole tree and they can put the ornaments anywhere but somehow they tend to stick to one section and put a hundred ornaments right there. Oh, I eventually move them around after the gremlins have lost interest. Of course, I can’t do it while they’re looking or it’d hurt their little feelings. 


The rest of the decorating took place over the next couple of days. Despite my efforts not to go overboard this year (in fact, we didn’t even bring all the deco down from the attic) I still managed to decorate four rooms with all things Christmas. Sssssh, don’t tell the husband, I picked up a few other things from my favorite $100 store aka Target that I couldn’t live without. Well, maybe I could have LIVED without them, however I didn’t want to pass ’em up.


Now that everything is finished I’ve decided to do an ‘I caught Santa’ picture for the kids. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Go to the ICaughtSanta website to see for yourself! Such a fantastic idea! All you have to do is take a pic of your living room, upload it to their site, put a Santa into the pic and voila! a Santa sighting in your very own living room. How much fun is that? A ton. I predict kids will flip out when they see it. And by the way, ask me for a coupon code to use on their site!


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),






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