Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I found out again while on this trip to China & Singapore, absence makes the heart grow fonder also applies to my children. I guess maybe it applies even more so to my children. We were gone for literally 9 days and by the 9th day I was so ready to see my gremlins immediately (I didn’t want to have to fly for 14 hours to get home to them!). Well, to be honest, by the 6th or 7th day I was starting to see little kids everywhere that reminded me of my own. Or my own at whatever particular age was the child I’d noticed. I found myself thinking more and more about my girlies. And always the good stuff. Not the whining, crying, arguing, and complaining times that seem to populate 90% of our days but recollecting that 10% well manneredness (I don’t care if this isn’t a real word. It is now cause I said so.) that they’re capable of exhibiting.


Do I miss my home while on vacation? To some degree. I find that when I travel I begin imagining how I would live in that specific place. What house/apartment would I choose? Would I develop friendships with the women there? Or be isolated & alone? Where would I grocery shop? What restaurants would we haunt? Would the girls get a better education here than at home? How would the girls adapt to riding subway trains everywhere? Or taxis? Or whatever other standard mode of transportation was popular in the region? Like walking! Would their worldview be expanded beyond the edges of America and their little home town? (Yes! Yes, it would.) Does it change my worldview? (Yes, most definitely.) But I find that I come to appreciate what we have more by being away… and isn’t that basically the meaning of absence makes the heart grow fonder? And I could go on for awhile on the luxuries we have that a huge percentage of the world doesn’t have except that isn’t the purpose of this post.


All I know is that we tend to forget all the problems we have on a daily basis while we’re traveling. So all negative thoughts of horrible deeds recede from my mind and all positive thoughts fill those empty spots. Now, in my mind, my gremlins are perfect. They’re not gremlins at all! They’re so precious! They’re so angelic! They’re so well behaved! They always do what I ask them to do without complaint! They get along with each other & are so helpful. *Snort* Just wait till we actually get home. Those angels will be demons again. I suppose I can always hope that this time will be different. This time we’ll come back home to the girls and they’ll be all those positive things. One can only hope.


Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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