What is it about some kids that makes it nearly impossible for them to get along with their brothers or sisters?
What is it inside that sparks the jealousy and desire to steal parental attention?
And why does it happen even when the parents try to provide equal attention to both children?
What is inside one child to needle, tease, and irritate the other? No matter how many F-ing times you tell me to stop it.
How many more times am I gonna have to say, “for the love of Pete would you leave your sister alone!” or “you two need to get along!”
Sometimes separation works (and at times is absolutely necessary for the survival of the children) but honestly that doesn’t teach them how to work stuff out.
In the real world we have to deal with all different personalities. There isn’t always the chance to just walk away from a person that is up in yer grill. You have to stay to figure it out. Well, what an excellent time to learn how to do that.
The problem for me is how frequently the arguing & fighting is occurring. It has my nerves frazzled beyond belief.
You know what, I don’t remember fighting with my sister as much as these two do.
There are times, rare, rare times when they get along, talk nicely to each other, and help each other. It is like heaven come down to earth. You think I’m exaggerating? For me it feels like heaven.
Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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