Meet swimmy

So the gremlins had their flu vaccination on Tuesday & I told them they would get a reward for doing so well.

You’re looking at it. ‘Swimmy’ is what they named him.

I don’t know why they picked such a name but that’s fairly typical naming practice for them. It’s like the names they come up with for stuffed animals: “bear bear” for a Teddy bear or “pink doggy” for a -you guessed it- pink doggy. We actually tried to be really democratic this time during the naming process. We all put our name choices on a scrap of paper & pulled his name out of a coffee mug. Both gremlins wanted the name ‘Swimmy’ and the husband & I each had a name we liked. Going into this thing I knew it was stacked in their favor but it is their fish so I figured who cares! Of course, ‘Swimmy’ was the name pulled. And they were thrilled. Personally, I’ve decided to call the fish ‘Tito’. Not the ultimate fighter guy by that name but the Randy, Jermaine, Michael, La Toya, Janet, Tito – Tito guy. Plus I paid for the fish & all the crap inside the tank not to mention I’m gonna be the one cleaning the tank so I’ll call it whatever I want, right?

Since I started my iPhone photo blog, I’ve been testing out different apps to edit & alter the pictures I’m taking. This picture of ‘Swimmy’ is an example of what I’ve been doing. I used the PictureShow app to add a border plus adjust the color levels and overlays.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be techical),


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