Future political figure?

I’m surprised by my Honey bunny. She decided that she wanted to “run” for 5th grade representative at her school. Why does this surprise me? Because it just does. What? It does. She hasn’t exhibited any real interest in this kinda thing before & I guess it surprises me because I have no desire to be part of a political office, party, or campaign. Does that make me a bad citizen? Perhaps. I do vote, though, so not all bad. But this was NEVER something that I was interested in participating in during my school days. In fact, I don’t even recall there being anything of this sort when I was in elementary school. It goes to show how old I am. GAH!!

Frankly, I think that the shit political figures go through is not worth it. Although they often bring it on themselves, don’t they? Ideally, I believe there was a time -once- that great strides were made that helped society. Now, I don’t think much gets accomplished that helps anyone other than the political figures involved. Cynic, much?

Well, anyway, lets just forget about my feelings on this topic.

So, Honey bunny has created a poster (and Pumpkin had to make one too just because sissy was doing it), written a speech (being sure not to make promises she couldn’t keep), and selected a campaign assistant (yes, seriously, they get to pick a friend to help them hold the poster when they give their speech). 

Today is the day!! She gives her speech today and all the 5th graders will be voting right after. I’m nervous for her!!! But this is a typical mommy response. I get nervous for her every time she has to perform in karate events or the like.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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