Shots, shots, shots, I don’t want shots!

If I were talking about shots of alcoholic beverages, then I would be more like, “shots?! yeah! give ’em to me”. But I’m not talking about those kinds of shots. Here, I’m referring to vaccinations. “Shots, shots, shots, I don’t want shots!” are the words that my gremlins scream every time I mention going to the doctor for the flu vaccine. I know I’m not the only mom that struggles with children freaking out about getting shots. And it’s absolutely pointless to attempt to reason with them. Even though I try, like an idiot, EVERY TIME.

Well, perhaps it’s just my children that become wild-eyed crazy balls of nervousness, jumping up & down screeching with dread? (No? I can hope, right?) And this is still happening even though they KNOW they aren’t getting an actual shot. The last couple of years I’ve elected to have the nasal spray flu vaccination in order to reduce the screaming, screeching, jumping up & down, crying fits that always come with the phrase, “you’re going to the doctor for your flu shot”.

Anyway, it’s scheduled for next week and not joking when I say that they’ve asked me every day if today is the day they’re getting their shots. GAH! I give up.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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