Tell me Thursday – 35th Edition


Lookie here. It’s Thursday. So, you have the option to read about my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday. What do you think? Interested in hearing the deets? Well, either way I still get to write all about the pic.

I took this picture nearly two summers ago. Obviously, or not so obviously, during the traditional Disneyland Electrical parade. I’m surprised & thrilled that it came out so well. Clearly I’m not a professional photographer so anytime I can get pictures to look this good I’m excited. It’s Cinderelly! Cinderella!

This particular trip to Disneyland was the first time we took Pumpkin & the 2nd time we took Honey bunny. My mom and her husband came with us and some of our friends that live in the LA area met us for a couple days of fun. It was hot as is expected in the summertime in LA. Didn’t matter to the gremlins they loved every minute. Plus we usually try to stay at the Grand Californian Hotel cuz it ROCKS and they have killer swimming pools which we always take advantage of in the afternoons to cool down before heading back into the parks for nighttime fun.

We’re hoping to go back this summer however that is still all up in the air what with Honey bunny possibly testing for her black belt & the husband’s plans to have a 39 1/2 birthday bash in Las Vegas for us.

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),


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