What? Wait?! What did you say?

So Christmas was last week, as I’m sure you all recall. Santa brought us a wii, wii fit & rock band ~all in all a great score of gifts as far as I’m concerned. There’s another story in there but I don’t have time to go into it all right now. Perhaps at another time. The reason for this post is to share the wonderful story of how… hold up I’m getting ahead of myself a little… let me step back and tell you about it from start to finish.

Since getting the wii, wii fit & rock band we’ve been playing these games just about non-stop. And having a blast while doing it, I might add. I suggested to Honey bunny that we try the wii golf. They have a 3-hole practice mode & I figured that would be a good start instead of doing the 9-hole game which would take waaaaaaay too much time, attention, and energy from both of us.

Anyway, so we got started and it was going along just fine until she got to a more challenging hole. Yep, that’s when it got *ahem* interesting. See, she was getting a little frustrated that she couldn’t get the ball around a tree (and what I find amusing about this is how realistic that scenario is… how many golfers get pissed when they’re stuck behind a tree or in a sand trap and they can’t get around/out?).

OK, what came next is really the crux of this post… so she says somewhat under her breath, “I hate it when the fuckin’ thing…” Uh huh, you read that right. My 9 YEAR OLD daughter said “fuckin”.

I looked at her and she looked at me. I asked her as calmly as possible, “did you actually just say what I think you said?” Immediately she runs over to me, throws her arms around me, and begins crying, “oh mommy, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” I had flashbacks from the movie ‘A Christmas Story’. Well, I didn’t handle it quite like they did in the movie. I thought about putting soap in her mouth, I thought about sending her to her room, I thought about grounding her for a week but I didn’t do any of those things. Instead, I hugged her really tight and then had her look me in the face while I asked her not to say that kind of thing EVER AGAIN.

WHAT the heck was I to do?! I mean I’ve said the ‘F’ word in front of her on SEVERAL occasions (totally not on purpose, mind you)!!! Plus there’s the fact that she had just spent a day & a half with her older cousins. Much older cousins. Cousins that don’t watch what they say around younger kids. Cousins that only monitor the things they say when grown-ups are present. Do you sense a pattern here? I’m trying to blame it on the cousins. Of course I know it’s not entirely their fault. Yes! I do realize that it is my fault. I’m the Mom. It’s always my fault.

Hopefully, she freaked herself out enough worrying about my reaction that she won’t say that again. At least, in front of me.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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