Tell Me Thursday – 34th Edition


Well howdy there folks! Since you’re sitting there reading and all, then why don’t you take a gander at my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday. That is to say, if you didn’t happen to see it on Wednesday.

Can that be snow in that photo? Why yes, it is snow, as a matter of fact. I KNOW! Can you believe it? Perhaps it isn’t that difficult to believe if you live in place where snow is normal in winter but where we live, it almost NEVER snows. As you can see from the picture however… it had snowed! If you read my RTT post from Tuesday, then you know a little bit about what was going on with the weather.

I took this photo looking through our sliding glass door (can you see the glare/reflection?). It was such a shock to see the snow all over the front yard as well as the deck ~ of which clearly this is a picture. It didn’t last long, it melted nearly right away since it just doesn’t stay cold enough to sustain the snow. But I was happy with just this little bit. Such a fun change from the norm. And again, I’ll say that I’m glad it didn’t last long as most of us here have NO idea how to drive in snow conditions. On top of that, I don’t like being that cold.

Thanks for listening, (or reading if you must be technical),


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