Random freezing thoughts on Tuesday


Oh Hai Tuesday! I’m just freezing over here. How are you? Well, since we’ve gotten the pleasantries out of the way, how about I tell you what randomness I’ve been thinking about.

The weather has officially gone crazy. It snowed here last week. Not a bunch and it melted pretty quickly but the fact that it snowed AT ALL here is craziness! It never snows here! This is California and not even in the mountains. Yet it snowed. We had a fun time watching it slowly float down. The gremlins tried to catch some on their tongues. It was cute. We took a few pictures. But I can’t seem to get warm.

Speaking of warm… my poor little Pumpkin was sick for 4 days last week with a super high fever & cough and it was a nightmare. It freaks me out when her temp gets really high like that. In addition, I had to take her with me to the office everyday and I literally got no work done. She’s better now thank the LORD.

I went shopping over the weekend for Christmas presents and only managed to get one more gift. All those stores in the mall. Why is it that I could only find one gift for one person? I’ll tell you why… because my family is SO DAMN HARD to shop for, that’s why! So I’ll be doing a bunch of online shopping with express shipping in order to get these things in time.

You know, in case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas Eve is 9 days away. Commence running around & shrieking in… three, two, one. Aaaaaaaaaah!

Pumpkin is having a party at school tomorrow for the holiday season. I volunteered to bring plates. Yes, I chose the easiest thing on the list because I just don’t have time to mess with making anything.

Honey bunny had another karate belt test last Friday and she didn’t break the board again. This means that she’ll have to re-test one more time in January. If she doesn’t pass this time she will be moved to the next group. I don’t really want to think about that right now. She was so close to breaking it this time!! We thought for sure that she would do it. Well, more practice & she’ll get it!

Our shipping guy is leaving. Today is his last day. Uh huh. Leaving. 10 days before Christmas. And we don’t have a replacement yet. Until we get someone hired we’ll have to do the employee shuffle. Moving this guy off this task & that guy to fill in over here. And me to cover while one of the girls is home with her daughter who is now running the same fever as my Pumpkin. Good times people. Good times.

I am officially boycotting Christmas cards this year. Although perhaps I’ll institute a new policy… if you send me a Christmas card, then I’ll send you one. That way I don’t send out two hundred cards to all the family, friends, and customers that are on my list but only get 15 in return. Seriously, at this point in time we’ve received less than 10 cards. Doesn’t that sound like a good plan? The way I see it, the people who send cards are thoughtful enough that they deserve one in return. Right. That settles it.

Finally figured out the puzzle piece to the American Express statements that was driving me absolutely BANANAS!! Yay me!! This means I can now reconcile the last 4 months worth of statements and then move on to the Bank Statements! Envy me people. I live the life of a rock star.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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