Tell Me Thursday – 33rd Edition


Do I need to explain what Tell Me Thursday is all about? Or have you figured it out by now? Oh, what the heck… TMT is an opportunity for me to tell you all about the Wordless Wednesday photo I posted yesterday. So, that being said, let me move right into telling you about my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday. Heh. This picture was taken by me… it is a picture of a darling piece of artwork that my Honey bunny made nearly 4 years ago. MAN time flies! Amazes me that so many years have gone by already. I have this artwork hanging on the wall of my office directly above my phone so I get to enjoy looking at it everyday.

So what do you think of this picture/artwork? Pretty cool? I think so. Very abstract! Love the colors, shapes, and variety of sizes. And I love how some of the pieces are sort of floating off into space.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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