Friday Faves – The I missed last week edition so this will be extra long to compensate Edition. You’re welcome.


Hey everybody it’s Friday!! And we’re gettin the H E double L outta dodge. Woot! But just a word to the wise… our house is alarmed, we have two big dogs – or rather one big dog & one smallish dog that thinks he’s a big dog, and we’ve set-up some booby traps a la Home Alone so DON’T EVEN think about messing with our house. Anywhoozlebee… here’s my two weeks worth of Friday Faves for your pleasure & enjoyment. You better like ’em cause I worked really hard on gettin this done in time! Heh.

With Christmas coming up in a matter of weeks now… here is a really cool clock that would make a neat present.

Evil… and probably the fastest way to ensure you’re going to hell.

When I was a kid we ate all kinds of sugary cereals that I have not ever let my kids eat. Does that make me a good Mom or a bad Mom?

Huh, ok, who knew? Surprising uses for Vodka. Although I kinda prefer to drink my Vodka.

What do you think of this?? Legit or not?

Where do you rank? Or rather where does your state rank? Happiest state in the union.

Well, well, well, think you’re one of the beautiful people?

Hilarious and incredibly accurate bathroom instructions!

Maybe you should take your shirt off entirely.

Fabulous! Another great Christmas gift especially for your geeky girlfriend or wife or mom.

Confusing. Make up your mind about when a woman should get a mammogram OK so we’re all on the same page. Kaithxbai!

Yes, well, I wouldn’t know anything about a child talking back. Bwahahahahaha!
funny pictures of cats with captions

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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