Tell Me Thursday – 29th Edition


What time is it? It’s time to get ill. No, not really, I’m only kidding. But it is Tell Me Thursday time. So, I’ll commence with the details of my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday.

The husband & I went to the USC vs Notre Dame game a couple weeks back… at Notre Dame! It was a fantastic game. I’ve talked about it before in other posts but I’m gonna talk about it again. Cause otherwise you wouldn’t get the 411 on this photo. Right? Anyhooozlebee. We toured the campus prior to the game and we took a ton of pictures including the gilded Golden Dome with statue of Mary. The campus really is beautiful. And the foliage is stunning, as you can see. The air was crisp and by crisp I mean it was frackin cold. We Californian’s aren’t used to those low temps. Yes, I know it was only 49 degrees. Yes, I know it gets much colder in lots of places. We’re still not used to it. Amazingly, we were prepared for the chill. Scarves, gloves, sweaters, jackets, thermals. YES, I wore them ALL. And even still I was kinda cold. No matter. It was worth it. I don’t think we will ever make that kind of trip again. Thankfully we’ve got the photos to reminisce.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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