Friday Faves – Late Edition, like with a newspaper if they only had those anymore, oh wait, there still are some newspapers left so just disregard that remark


It’s the Friday Faves late, late, late on Friday. I know. Sue me! I was busy. Heh. Well here is this week’s Friday Faves. Hope you get a laugh.

No doubt your mom or dad has said a crazy thing or three to you, your brother, or sister. No? Just me? Huh. Anyway, thanks to Enna for bringing this site to my attention. Have a good laugh. And maybe you can add something that your parents have said to you….

Awesome adorable Halloween inspired treats for your Halloween party or even just to make with your gremlins.

These barefoot shoes are crazy. I’m really curious how these would actually feel on your feet. And while exercising. Take a look for yourself and read what Badass Dad has to say.

I love me some cake wrecks. When I saw these inappropriate cakes I HAD to share them. You’re welcome.

For those that use their iPhone A WHOLE HELLOFALOT. How about a solar charging case to recharge your battery?!

Who in the HALIBUT would wear this sort of thing???

This sounds delish & ghoulish! A perfect drink for a Halloween party.

Nearly every day I question my mothering methods and skill or lack thereof. So this post about not raising our voices peaked my interest.

I agree… WTF? What were the designers of this cup lid thinking when they created this.

Can you hear it? Whaaaaaaa
funny pictures of cats with captions

Luckily I didn’t have nearly as many problems toilet training Pumpkin as I did with Honey Bunny. If you really boil it down, then I should say that I didn’t toilet train Pumpkin… she did it herself. One day she decided that she wanted to wear big girl undies and from that point on she ALWAYS used the toilet. I was flabbergasted. Considering all the issues we went thru with Honey Bunny I couldn’t believe how easy it was with Pumpkin. A good thing for new parents or those that are starting potty training.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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