Tuesday. Now with more Random.


Over the weekend, actually starting on Thursday, we were in Chicago. If you read any of the other shite I write on this blog then you know why I was in Chicago but if you don’t read anything else that I write here, then I’ll recap. We flew out to Chicago to do a bit of sight-seeing and then go to the Notre Dame / USC game at Notre Dame. Neither the husband nor myself went to college at either of these schools. The reason we went to this particular game is because the husband is a huge Notre Dame fan. A good friend of ours did graduate from USC and he got us the game tickets. Plus seeing a game at such a historic stadium means a lot to the husband. Can you say Rudy?

We had an awesome time. The game was fabulous (despite ND losing which was expected), the people we met were super friendly, and the experience was brilliant. Oh, and I only gained 3lbs while on this trip not the 10lbs I predicted in my Friday Fave post title. I’m only slightly happy about this. Preferably I would have liked not to gain any weight however that was highly unlikely given we were drinking all the time and eating practically every 10 minutes.

Pumpkin told her karate class that she helps Mommy & Daddy make the kind of chicken you eat on Thanksgiving. Phew. That is one big chicken.

I tried on my Halloween costume! It looks really good, if I do say so myself. I had to order the costume and all the accessories online. Sadly, I wasn’t able to find it at the store when out shopping recently. So, of course, everything showed up while we were out of town. I’m getting excited for this weekend cause we are going to a costume party at a friend’s house. They’re even giving out prizes. I’m dressing as the Queen of Hearts and I even have a flamingo. Not a live flamingo, mind you, but a plastic lawn sort of flamingo. You know, because they played croquet with hedgehogs & flamingos.

There is less than one month till we go to Las Vegas for our annual company holiday party. Party! Las Vegas! Awesome!

After living in this house for over three years, we are finally replacing the stove/cooktop that has been in the house for 20 years. YAY!!! My brother is coming over to help the husband install it today. In fact, as I type this they are meeting at the house to install it. Hopefully it goes in smoothly, easily, and with flawlessly.

The weather has gone absolutely bonkers. It is supposed to be nearly 80 degrees by this weekend. Just a day ago it was cold & rainy. Is the weather crazy where you live too?

Birthday bashes. Pumpkin has been invited to so many birthday parties. And they’re all on the same bloody weekend.

I’m starting a countdown till the sales & use tax return is due to be filed. As of right now there are 10 days until it must be submitted. Aaaaah! There is still so much to do before the report is ready. This is no good. On top of that, I still have reconciled July, August, or September bank statements. HOLY HELL.

Thanks for listening (or reading if you must be technical),


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