Tell Me Thursday – 27th Edition


Welcome, welcome, welcome to TMT! Yes, it is that time again. Here’s the deal, I get to tell you aallllll about my Wordless Wednesday photo… right here, right now. So, lets get to it.

Last year I walked in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3Day event. 3 Days 60 miles. Perhaps you’ve heard about it? It was AMAZING. I raised over $5,000 for breast cancer research, education, and testing. Besides being an fantastic experience, I had the opportunity to see a great deal of San Francisco while walking those 60 miles. You see we didn’t walk from point A to point B… we walked around and through the city. There are so many diverse areas, no doubt you can believe that about San Francisco.

I won’t go into each of the day’s walking agenda but I will say that we walked through the Golden Gate Park on the first & last day and we passed by the Conservatory of Flowers as you see in my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday. Wanna hear something crazy? Despite having been born & raised in the Bay Area, I’ve never been through the whole of  Golden Gate Park. During this adventure, though, I was able to see parts of the park that I had NO IDEA existed. There’s a polo field in there!

Anywhooooo, I took this picture with and without me in the foreground, as you see, I’ve posted the photo sans moi. Why? You may be asking? Because I felt the picture was so much prettier without me. Ha! Psssh. I just didn’t want to distract from all the beautiful colors of the flowers, grass, and the stark white of the conservatory. Did you notice the gecko in the background? Not an actual tiny gecko but a gecko designed with flowers. Take a look again. You’ll find it. It’s the little things people, the little things.

I would love to be able to visit the conservatory at some future date that allows for me to go inside to explore. Sadly, we only had time stop for this quick photo before moving on through the rest of the course. Then again, that was true of the whole 3 day event but it obviously wasn’t our purpose to be sight-seeing tourists.

Oh, and you see the right side bar over there? Yep, that one on the right. See the button for the Breast Cancer Site? Go click on that immediately and help women get free mammograms. Thanks!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),



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