Tell Me Thursday – 25th Edition


I can’t seem to get passed the same opening lines when it comes to TMT. I’ve repeated the same phrases or variations of the same phrases for weeks and weeks. So I promised myself I’d come up with something different today… there… was that different enough? Oh, who really cares? You just want to know what my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday was all about, don’t ya?!

We were lucky this summer, in that we were able to take a number of wonderful trips. One of those trips included a week in Santa Cruz. Granted this wasn’t a long distance trip but does that really matter? No, I say. Especially considering the people we spent the week with were my immediate & extended family. Parents, Brother, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, children of cousins! Lots of people & lots fun! And yes, the house was packed. Or I should say houses were packed. We had three of them.

Anyway, the house that we stayed in was about a block from the beach so everyday we would walk down the street to the beach. On our way back up to the house one of the days, Pumpkin & I were noticing all the flowers in front of the homes that lined the street. My WW photo of a rose was one flower the two of us couldn’t stop talking about. She was quite sure I should take a picture of it because of the unusual color. Obviously I agreed. I mean, really, how often do you see a rose of this particular color? Not very.

I tweaked it a bit in photoshop, not the color! but the filter, I used the Artistic Filter called Dry brush. To be honest, this photo was so beautiful on it’s own that I probably didn’t even need to do that. Oh, and I took the photo with my iPhone which, I think, makes it even more amazing considering the camera on an iPhone is not at all the same as using a traditional or digital type camera in terms of photo quality.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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