Random Tuesday Chronicle


I think… that is to say… I’m pretty sure it’s Tuesday today. Yep, according to my calendar, it’s Tuesday. September 22. Now actually, Tuesday NIGHT cause it’s taken me all bloody day long to finish this post. But I digress. In one week and one day it will be FECKIN’ October!!! Oh, yeah, and today marks 100 days left of 2009. Just thought you might like to know that little tidbit of info. PLUS! Reading Small Town Mommy’s post for RTT it was brought to my attention that today is the First day of Autumn. Well isn’t that interesting? Considering it is nearly 100 degrees here today.

Ok, so I was laying in bed last night trying to go to sleep but I kept thinking about all the Random Tuesday brilliant topics that I wanted to include for the week. This was problematic for a couple reasons: One – it made it extremely difficult for me to fall asleep and two – I didn’t write down any of these so-called brilliant topics. Bet you can guess what that means… yep, forgot ’em.
Which means, you’ll get what you get & you’ll like it. Heh.

Since we’re having a bit of heat wave this week, we’re planing to go boating on Thursday. I’m very excited about this because we’re going sans gremlins! Woot! Why am I so thrilled about the fact that the gremlins won’t be there? Cause then I don’t have to act like a parent. You understand what I’m saying, right? We can listen to music that would be entirely inappropriate if there were children present, I won’t have to watch my language, if I wanna have a beer, then I can, there won’t be any need to monitor the gremlins actions while on the boat, no whining about when it’s their turn to go inner tubing… just to name a few.

My wakeboard video! The last time we went boating we had our gremlins & a gremlin friend. While out, we videoed them inner tubing as well as us wakeboarding. All this nonsense leads me back to my wakeboard video!

Yes, not only is this a video of me wakeboarding, it is also my creation! Mwhahahahahahaha! The husband showed me how to use Windows Movie Maker & I am now MASTER movie maker. This might be a small exaggeration. But I’m pretty impressed with myself. I made a title intro, added music, and slowed the speed/repeated the last few frames. See for yourself – oh, and please excuse the wonky camera angles and all the bouncing, Honey bunny was doing the video recording:

We’re talking about having a costume party the weekend before Halloween which is cool because it’s been a couple years since we had one & now that I’ve gotten my girlish figure back (after 6 years, two pregnancies, and 4 years of working my ass off – literally) I’m all about awesome costumes! The husband generally doesn’t like costumes… he always jokes about wearing a suit & tie with a brief case as a costume because he NEVER wears that sort of thing, therefore making it a costume for him. But! Luckily he still has the costume he wore at our last party so he’ll reuse that. The reason you need to know all this is because I’m deciding on my costume based on his costume so we can be all matchy matchy. Although it won’t totally be matchy matchy… his costume is the King of Hearts (of course when he wears it he has PANTS on) and I’m considering a Queen of Hearts much like this or possibly like this one.

My book club meeting is next week. As in SEVEN days from today. I’m not done reading the book. That’s not to say that I’m not enjoying the book… it’s actually quite good. It’s The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Ummmmm, yeah, 560 pages. I’m on page number 336. I’ve got a lot of reading to do and not a lot of days to do it in and a very full schedule for the remainder of the week. Wish me luck. And the thing is that I’ve had the book for a month already. Guess I’ve been procrastinating because I kept thinking I had soooooo much time to read it.

Despite the heat, you can tell the season is changing. When it’s dark by 8:00pm at night, you know the weather is gonna start cooling down. What I like about it getting dark early is less arguing at bedtime. No more, “but MOM! It’s still light outside! The sun is still up” What I don’t like about it getting dark early is that I feel like it’s later in the night than it truly is. Such as right now. It’s 8:33pm. However, it’s so dark out that is feels as if it’s 10:33pm. Probably it’s just me.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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