Friday Faves – CONGRATULATIONS! You made it to Friday!


You read the title, didn’t ya? Remember the Southwest Airlines commercial with the Pink Slip Virus? Anyone? The guy pops up on the screen while the pink melts all down the screen & then he shouts, “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve launched the pink slip virus!” Ummmmm, so I was just thinking about that commercial the other day while I was trying to come up with a “funny” post title. And yeah, I used the quotations correctly. Please to enjoy!

To refresh your memory… here is the commercial…

So, in other words, I need to be eating more chocolate, right? Cause that will help my short term memory? No problem AT ALL!

Ummm, yeah. If I saw the tattoo person’s photo book and I saw these as examples of their work… I’m pretty sure I’d turn around and walk right out.

How AMAZING is this? I love that it looks like artwork not just city lights.

Accents… I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again, accents make guys more attractive. In fact, a couple of friends & I were having this very discussion a few weeks back. I mentioned that it is incredibly sexy when a guy with an accent talks and it doesn’t even matter what is being said as long as it’s with an accent. But maybe it’s just me. Heh.

Awesomely bad wedding engagement photos. Thanks to for the link!

Seriously? Yes, these have to be the most WTF costumes for children. How do people even think these are remotely cute or appropriate?

I would have to say that this right here is some fabulous advice for moms that don’t want to TOTALLY LOSE IT!

A good reminder to DO the things you want to do by actually DOING them.

So I just about blew coffee out my nose when I saw this.
funny pictures of cats with captions

And then there was THIS!

Did you see the co-anchor’s eyes?! Hilarious!!

Sure, sure, sure, nice sentiment and all but I still don’t like ’em. No matter how many times I tell myself that I’ve “earned” them from being preggers two times. Deh.

I’ll admit I’ve thought about this from two stand points. 1st – I am a child of divorce (the husband is not) and 2nd – I wonder how my children will do as children of parents that stay married. Because the husband & I are committed to each other for life. That sounds funny, doesn’t it? Committed for life… like it’s a punishment or we’re committed to a mental institute. But I don’t mean it in a negative way. More like we’ve decided that we’re not gonna get divorced, ever. Don’t laugh at me. I’m serious.

Perhaps this is a bit of a long article but FABULOUS!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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