Tell Me Thursday – 23rd Edition


Does this need an introduction? Ooohhhh, alllllright. It’s Thursday. I posted a picture on Wednesday. Now, on Thursday I get to tell you about the photo I posted on Wednesday. Cause it’s ‘Tell Me Thursday’. Sorry, my inner teenager is being all exasperated. But really I’m excited to tell you about this Wordless Wednesday photo! Why? I’ll tell ya why! Just keep on readin’.

Last year in April the husband & I went to China (mainland & Hong Kong), basically for business purposes but also for fun. I KNOW! How cool is that? I never thought I would ever travel to China! We went with another couple who had been there on several occasions. I must tell you that this is the ideal way to travel to a foreign country. They knew all the best places to go & the not so best places to go… and we did both! Besides being a fantastic trip, seeing lots of amazing sights, people, etc., I picked up a few trinkets to commemorate our travels. My desk dragon was just one of the goodies I brought home. He’s cute, isn’t he? Sure, he probably isn’t made of real quality jade or even jade at all but I don’t mind. I love dragons! In fact, if I were ever to get a tattoo (not that that would EVER actually happen) but IF I were, then I would get a dragon. And in case you were wondering… we haggled on the price.

So this guy is sitting on the desk at my office where I can look at him and remember our travels. You may have noticed the boarder around & the coloring of the photo? I used the Shake It App on my iPhone again to take this picture. I really love this App! Which I’m fairly certain I’ve expressed to you before.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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