I’m sure, like everyone else today, I’m remembering this day 8 years ago…. It was early morning, we were working out of our garage at the time, and my mom called me to tell me that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. I never watch television in the morning so I hadn’t seen or heard anything that was going on and when she told me the news I didn’t believe her. I thought that there was no way on earth they would ever let planes get that close to government buildings. I was wrong. And it was a hell of a shocker for all of us.

We spent the rest of the day staring at the television watching it all unfold like a horrible nightmare that you can’t do anything about (we live in California). Thankfully, there were lots of people who could ~and did~ do something to help those who were trapped or in need.

I will always remember the people who perished in those attacks. You will not be forgotten. Ever. And I will be forever thankful to the police, fire, paramedics, and civilians who were heroes that day and everyday.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

***Credit, where credit is due, goes to the folks over at 9-11 Research for the Twin Towers image I used. Thank you.

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