Friday Faves – Dope shite, right?!


It seems wrong to try to be funny on such a day but when you think about how humor can heal, then it doesn’t seem so wrong. With that being said, please enjoy the following….

For the last few months I’ve been using Firefox for my browser instead of IE and Oh.My.God. is it so much better. No more crashes, haven’t lost stuff I was reading/working on, plus the fun of all the add-ons! Anyway… when I saw this I figured it was too cute not to include!
funny pictures of cats with captions

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, THIS WOMAN is a genius!!!! I had stomach pains from laughing so hard while reading this. And I just read it again and laughed really hard quietly to myself because I’m sorta supposed to be working on the bank reconciliation and the husband is in his office right next door so will totally know that I’m f-cking around instead of working. HI HONEY! Cause now that you’re reading this you really know what I was doing while pretending to be working. Heh. I’m gonna get so much shit for this.

Knowledge is power right? So now you know how to keep from sleeping with these buggers! Plus, if your house is anything like our house and EVERYONE has allergies & asthma, then this info is a real bonus.

What do you think about getting your kid a cellphone? Honey bunny bugs me for one EVERY DAMN DAY. And she gives me a list of all her friends that have one already each and every time she asks for a cellphone. What the hell is with people that give their 4th graders or younger cellphones? I mean the thing is adorable but still do kids need to be able to post to blogs from their phone? Hell NO. Me, yes, I need to be able to post to blogs from my cellphone – my kid? NO. I’m selfish like that.

I have no guts. Far too chicken to do this. But Keely has done it fantastically well, now I don’t have to! Would you? Would you want to? Stay tuned for more in her series. Probably.

Wow, I generally prefer a smidge of subtlety from my hotel room sign … but you have to admit this is a riot. Not to mention that it’s kinda a coincidence that it came from a website called Daily Shite. I SWEAR I named my post before I found their website from a tweet by @subrbanoblivion.

Me likey. Now, if I could only learn how to take pictures this fantastically well.

You’ve probably seen this list previously, hell, I’ve seen this list previously in email forwards from my friends but it struck my funny-bone the other night and I COULD NOT stop laughing. YAHTZEE!

Speaking of laughing, I laughed right out loud the entire time I was reading this post. If you’re a guy, then it might not be as comical as it is for us ladies. Just sayin’.

And lastly, this possibly unpatriotic post from Cake Wrecks. WTF?

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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