Tell Me Thursday – 22nd Edition


Well thanks to the short week, the hangover that I suffered on Monday, plus two very busy days, this Thursday snuck-up on me. But I can rally for this week’s TMT. My Wordless Wednesday photo was taken by the husband when we were in Rome, obviously. The other day he discovered the CDs that had the photos from our trip to Italy in…. are you ready for this?… 1999. Yep, TEN YEARS ago! In fact, we went 10 years and 4 months ago. Cause it was May when we actually went. I know this because the husband was in our friend’s wedding right before we left on the trip. Also, while on this lovely vacation, I got preggers with Honey bunny and she will be 10 years old in February. Holy Hell time goes by fast.

Wow! I have never laughed so hard at pictures of myself than I did when we looked thru those CDs!! I cannot get over the clothes I was wearing. Hilarious.

Anywhooo! So, about this picture… we traveled from Lake Como to Tuscany where we stayed in a terrific house and finished our trip by going to Rome ~on a side note: you’ll probably see a few other photos from this trip pop-up every now & again for WW~ and seeing the Colosseum. At the time we had a camera that took panoramic pictures, and Rob being the genius that he is, decided to take the picture in such a way that we could piece the whole thing together! Et voila! Both halves of the Roman Colosseum. Pretty cool, wouldn’t you say?

Only drawback, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, was the coloring of each image being quite different therefore making it a not-so-seamless joining of the two photos. It’s a small thing which I think can be overlooked. Being there was truly one of the most amazing things. The history and architecture are unparalleled.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


2 thoughts on “Tell Me Thursday – 22nd Edition

    • It really was a phenomenal trip. You should definitely go to Rome. We’re hoping to go to Venice one day. Sounds like we’ve each done the other half of the trip we’d like to take. HA!
      Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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