Friday Faves – the socially conscious, political, artsy, foodie edition with cats


Happy Friday to you, happy Friday to you, happy Friday, happy Friday, happy Friday to you!!! Sure this is the birthday song but who gives a F—. We’re all happy that its Friday, right?! And I’m thrilled that its Friday because that means I get to share my favorite things I found this week on the interwebz. Let us begin, shall we? Yes, lets!

This is truly one of my favorite icanhascheezburger photos because my friends & I love to photobomb each other in pictures taken at parties or other events. And this is exactly like one of the bombs we’d do to each other! So, therefore, completely apropos.
funny pictures of cats with captions

Here here! Well said! Glad someone has the words to express what I’ve been feeling about this whole ridiculous nonsense. Usually I try to stay out of political discussions because it generally turns into a battle of who can yell louder. But seriously people we have a sh*tload of significant issues facing this country. If you want to do something about it, then do something more than criticize the President. Get involved in your community, city, state, and DO SOMETHING to help alleviate the challenges that face US ALL.

This probably wouldn’t end well. But it sure would be a lot of fun in the process.

Hilarious. Fabulous way to say that which many bloggers feel but usually don’t have the eloquence. Also, it’s a damn good thing I’m one of the subscribers or I’d never known he’d posted! Whew.

Interesting website that I came across this week.

Brilliant Earth and it’s a brilliant idea.

The problem with this is that I can’t eat it. And we all know how much I love chocolate!

Incredibly cool and makes me wish that I could draw. Looking at her drawings makes me believe that I could just pick up a pencil & start drawing. Ahahahaha, that’s highly unlikely.

Who’da thunk it?! I’d never have guessed this thing improves your memory. Why hasn’t it helped me?

A post that really ‘spoke’ to me and I really hate using the expression ” ‘spoke’ to me” but its true. Oh, and also an interesting read.

I can say with all certainty that I wish I hadn’t found this website. It’s all The Unmom’s fault. And I’ll say the same thing she said. I dare you to go. But be aware that you may be very unhappy about what you find out. I know I was, well, am – really.

Look what I found thanks to Carissa’s post. My, oh my, is the timing great on finding this book.

Completely and totally out of the question! I don’t care if they’re intended to be funny or ironical or whathaveyou. No.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


5 thoughts on “Friday Faves – the socially conscious, political, artsy, foodie edition with cats

    • You are quite welcome and I agree that it would have been nice if it hadn’t been necessary to write. But, alas, it was & you did! So thanks again for doing it so well. Thanks for stopping by to comment!

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