Tell Me Thursday – 21st Edition


Well how do you like that?! It’s Thursday. AGAIN. Sure I’m glad about it cause we’re that much closer to Friday & the weekend. AND! The super duper raging BBQ & Blues party at our friend’s house on a lake. Jealous? Sooorry. But I’m pretty excited about it. This is only the second year that the husband & I have been invited to attend. We’re feeling very special.
So anywhoozlebee, are you wondering what the heck my Wordless Wednesday photo from yesterday is all about? I have an iPhone and like every other person that has an iPhone, I’ve wasted copious amounts of time downloaded a bunch of apps. Included in that list is the Shake it Photo app which works like a Polaroid camera, seriously just like it! Once you take the photo and push the ‘use’ button it spits out (not actually but graphically on the screen) a Polaroid-type picture that you have to shake in order for it to develop into a proper photo! How fun is that?! Yeah, I know, I’m amused by the little things. Just call me easy to please.

This WW photo was one of my first attempts at using the app. How I ended up taking this particular picture is kind of a mystery to me. What I mean is, I don’t remember focusing on this in particular but once it was done I thought it turned out relatively cool. I was, obviously, in the car and this is a picture view through the steering wheel of my car key as well as the attached key chain. Which, in case you’re interested, is a gift I bought for myself for my birthday a couple years ago. It’s from Coach and a portion of the purchase price was donated for breast cancer research. Cause I care about saving 2nd base. Or hadn’t you noticed the button on my right side bar? Pssst, go push the button, then press on the Click to Give button! They’ll donate free mammograms. Plus, you can go every single day and click to give. Now don’t you feel good?!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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