Tell me Thursday – 20th Edition


Welcome one and all to this week’s TMT about WW. FYI. And TBD. SPCA. IRL. UPC. LOL. ROTFLMAO. Hahahahahaha! No I’m just kidding. I think it’s the heat that is making me just a bit more goofy than usual. Or maybe I’m really that silly all the time. Who knows?! Moving right along… some of you may be wondering what the focus of this Wordless Wednesday photo is supposed to be. Is it the PT Cruiser? The trees? The bird? The building in the background? WHAT?! Well, it’s the birdy.

Here’s the deets, when we were in Maui over the summer (you may or may not recall) on the night before our last night on the island, we decided to go to a fabulous restaurant called Sansei. To make a long story as short as possible we had to wait for a table. OK, here’s the long version, we got there right when the restaurant opened because it’s incredibly popular, fills up fast plus they have a big discount if you order before a certain time, so everyone goes early. But we didn’t think it was the correct restaurant because the husband & I had been to the restaurant previously and it was in a completely different location thereby creating some serious confusion. So, us being brilliant people and all, we decided to get back in the car & drive around for awhile trying to find the restaurant that we remembered cause that makes so much more sense than walking into the restaurant and asking if they’d moved. Heh.

Anywhooo, we eventually went back and did just that. Sure enough – same restaurant. But now we had an hour to wait for the first available table. Uh huh, I said AN HOUR to wait for a table. With two starving children. Obviously, not technically, but if you were to hear them tell it, then it would seem as if we hadn’t feed them in days and days! Well, we were told by the hostess that there was a little market just over from the restaurant that we could get the kids something to snack on while we waited. Which is exactly what we did. And as we were sitting at the tables outside the market this little birdy decided to come for a visit.

I couldn’t resist taking the photo. The cropping could have been a bit more centered but c’est la vie!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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