Tell me Thursday – 18th Edition


I don’t know why I am continually amazed at how quickly the weeks go by… and yet here it is… Thursday again. I’ve been a MIA lately cause it’s the end of summer and we spent the last week in Santa Cruz with the family, among other trips we’ve been lucky enough to take this particular summer.

Anywhoo, this TMT is awesome or I guess that is to say this Wordless Wednesday photo is awesome. I took the photo on our recent vacation trip to paradise also known as Maui. This location is an amazing snorkeling spot as I’m sure you can figure out. Although I didn’t go out snorkeling, the husband, FIL, and honey bunny all did. Oh, I almost forgot, while they were all out there spying on the fish, a water snake happened to swim by. The husband decided it was probably a good time to call it quits & high-tail it outta the water!

As we were driving back to our condo we stopped on the side of the road so that I could take this picture. Isn’t that the loveliest shade of blue that you’ve ever seen? I can only say that I WISH that was my boat anchored there!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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