Tell Me Thursday – 17th Edition


Eeeeek it’s a praying mantis. Well actually it doesn’t make ME shriek eeeek but for some they may not like the bugs so they would be shrieking eeeeek or some such thing. Don’t understand what the blazes I’m talking about? Did you see my Wordless Wednesday photo? No? Geez. Go have a look, then you’ll understand.

This week’s WW photo was taken by the husband using his BB pearrrrl. He was walking into the office the other morning and noticed this guy (I say guy but it could certainly be a girl, couldn’t it?) hanging out near the front door. There are a few plants & trees around the entrance to our office so I’m not entirely surprised to find one lurking about at an industrial building. If there weren’t any plants, trees, or other assorted shrubbery, then I might be weirded out having this dude lurking.

Can’t you just hear him going “whaaaaaaaa” and slowly waving his arms in a splendid ninja move? Right before he kicks your ass?

Anywhoooo, the coloring in the photo is not the best though what do you expect from a camera on a BB? Not that I’m saying anything bad about crackberrys… rarely do smartphones of any sort take decent pictures. So I guess it’s to be expected.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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