Friday Faves


I’m noticing a pattern developing here. Have you spotted it? Something like my Friday Faves aren’t posting EVERY Friday? Hmmmm? I’ve sunk to a new low… I haven’t posted a FF in THREE WEEKS. Did you notice? Well, uuhhhhhh, if you didn’t notice, then never mind, I never mentioned it. Heh.

As moms, I think we all need to be reminded to cut ourselves some slack on the parenting front. Ya know?

Can you believe this? Wow! I’m seriously impressed with this option for the iPhone. Would you buy one for yours?

And speaking of photography… fantastic ideas for photography for those that might need a bit of assistance gettin’ the good shots.

I’m kinda liking the idea of taking Valium but this book has some parenting tips that apparently beat taking Valium. But what beats taking Valium? I ask you??!

Thanks to the awesome Tyler for this enlightening link in his “Weekly Round Table” post. Who knew?! And who hasn’t wanted to know?!

I feel EXACTLY the same way!
funny pictures of cats with captions

Silly, silly men. How can they NOT know that each of our sighs mean something different?

And speaking of men… this looks like an excellent read. I might have to consider this book when it comes round to my turn in choosing a book for our book club.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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