Tell Me Thursday – 16th Edition


In today’s edition of TMT, I get to tell you all about my wonderful Wordless Wednesday photo taken while on our vacation in Maui. I took this picture on Sunday right after we arrived. The kids INSTANTLY changed into their swimsuits the minute we walked through the door of our condo. Thankfully Nana took them down to the beach for me so I could unpack the groceries & clothing.

But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take this picture.

This beach is for our own use & that of the other condo owners / renters / guests. I WISH I could say that we own one of these places but unfortunately we don’t. The folks talked about buying in about 20 years ago but didn’t and believe you me we’re all regretting that decision now!

For the first time we’re staying in one of the units right at the beach. Usually we’re in one of the upper units but don’t take that as a complaint… my folks always pay for our place when we come with the whole family. Yes, they’re AWWWWESOME! On this trip since the husband & I were doing the dough forkage, we decided to go full out for the beach unit. Mind you we got it for a seriously discounted price cause Rob went directly to the owner and worked out a deal for this week. My husband ROCKS. But there is nothing like being able to walk right out of your place & walk on to sand and into the ocean.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


2 thoughts on “Tell Me Thursday – 16th Edition

  1. Sounds like everything fell into place and I am so glad that you all are having such a wonderful time!!!
    Don’t burn your buns too much!!!

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