Tuesday Randomly


I’m writing this Random Tuesday Thoughts. That in itself is an accomplishment! I know, I’ve set the bar pretty low for myself haven’t I? But whatev. This is the vacation edition of RTT. Oh, and we have house sitters for anyone who reads this and thinks they can get away with anything. And we have two really big dogs – well one big dog & one semi-smallish big dog and one ENORMOUS goldfish. Better watch out for the goldfish.

I can’t wait to eat at this awesome restaurant called Sansei – they have the most delish sushi & onion rings. Yeah, onion rings. But you see, they are MAUI onion rings. That makes all the difference.

Can you believe it?? I’m gonna take a surfing lesson tomorrow. This should be interesting. I’m seriously hoping I don’t break my neck. Oh, and Honey bunny will be taking lessons as well. She has an advantage though, she’s already had lessons! Fo shizzle, my 9 yr old had surfing lessons when she was 5 yrs old!

It’s entirely possible that I’ve already gotten sunburned. Let me check… yep, there it is… sunburn. Ouch. Not sure if this bodes well for tomorrow or the rest of the time here.

We’re eating about every ten minutes, basically.

I love this place. I’d come back every year if we could afford it. Too bad my folks didn’t buy in about 20 yrs ago when they first considered it. But it was expensive even then.

The husband, honey bunny, and the father-in-law went out snorkeling this morning. She was so excited to tell me all about the fish they spotted.

Pumpkin is content to play with the beach toys only going into the water briefly at intervals. She isn’t much of a swimmer yet but that’s my fault (as is everything else, cause I’m the mom) since I haven’t given her swimming lessons.

Not sure if it’s my memory or if it’s the month but it seems that it isn’t as humid & that its windier than usual. Like I said, it could be the month, generally we’re here in August not July. It is actually quite nice not being too hot. This is a problem to have right?

I’m looking forward to shopping in Lahaina. So many cute shops, so little money. Perhaps I’ll get a new bauble as a gift from the husband. HA, as if this whole trip isn’t a gift from the husband. Thanks babe!!

The days seem longer here than at home. I’m thrilled about this since who in their right mind would want the days to go fast while vacationing in paradise?

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Randomly

  1. i think it is SO cool that you all are having a tropical vacation…and filled with learning stuff, to boot!

    i would totally freak out over the whole “being in the ocean” thing.

    but i bet it’s beautiful and my terror about stuff like that really holds me back from enjoying new stuff.

    have fun!


  2. So, uh…what makes MAUI onion rings different?

    I wish I were on your vacation. Well, not YOUR vacation, my own in a similar place. You know what I mean.

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