Tell me Thursday – 15th Edition


And here we are again… Thursday, Thursday NIGHT to be exact… weren’t we just here like a second ago? I’m pretty sure that it was just a few moments ago. But alas, it was actually 7 days ago. So I’ll get over my pity party complaining again about how quickly I feel that time is slipping by and share with you my Wordless Wednesday photo that I actually posted today.

This was taken by Miko when we were at MGM Hotel & Casino. They have the most sophisticated enclosure for the lions. It cost 9 million to build, they can’t smell us or hear us, only the sound of the 4 water falls & the lions/lionesses are only in there for a few hours a day & then they go back to a huge ranch built for them! Pretty amazing.

She just happened to catch this shot while we were inside the gift shop! I was thrilled that it came out so well. Isn’t it a fantastic photo?

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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