Tell Me Thursday – 14th Edition


Well, I’ve just barely posted my Wordless Wednesday photo but c’est la vie. It’s lucky that I even got it up given the busyness of the week. As is the case with this Tell Me Thursday… cause here it is again… 9:44pm on Thursday night and I’ve finally stopped playing feckin’ FarmTown on FB long enough to finish this post. Heh.

Soooooo, moving right along, my photo this week was taken during my recent excursion to Las Vegas. Miko & I were shopping at the Venetian for some clothes to wear out dancing that night and we came across the beautiful and interesting umbrellas. How cool is this?! I think its pretty neat. Although you can’t always go by what I say, I’m easily amused and I find almost anything to be interesting. Not sure if that’s a bad thing really. I find joy in many things. How awful can that be? You know what I’m saying? Just go ahead and agree with me so we can keep going, mmmmk?

Right, well, what I love the most, is the way the umbrellas appear to be floating down from the ceiling. And a close 2nd is the pretty colors used for each of the different umbrellas. Such vibrant colors! What do you think? Do you like the way the light is streaming in? Something else? Don’t be shy… leave a comment and let us all know!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),