Random Tuesday Thoughts Abound


Holy hell I’m tired. And it’s only Tuesday. It’s Tuesday! So I’m supposed to be sharing my Random Tuesday Thoughts with all ya’ll today. That should be easy enough considering I can barely form a coherent sentence… writing a whole post full of paragraphs with a single theme would be absolutely impossible.

To begin, I went to Las Vegas over the weekend. Heeeeeyy, perhaps this is why I’m so tired. Heh. It was a fantastic trip. I got to spend three days with my best friend from forever, we got to go shopping, go dancing until 4:00 am, see a Cirque du Soleil show (Ka – if you’re interested – and yes it was phenomenal), do some gambling, and check out a lot cute boys! I miss her already. She lives on the opposite coast, you see, and it has been 4 years since I saw her last.

I’ve already finished our book club selection for the month. It is “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. Have you heard of it? Read it? No? O….M….G…. You have to read it this instant. Wow. Powerful, gripping, and intense are just a few adjectives that describe this incredible book. I can’t wait to discuss it with the group.

This weekend our friends are coming into town with their two children. They visited us a year ago & will be traveling through the area again so we get to see them! I just need to start prepping the house for a small boy type child. I hear they can get into a wee bit of trouble on occasion.

The husband & I will be taking the new old boat out this week for a trial run. If you follow this blog at all, then you know that we were going out last Wednesday but unfortunately we didn’t pass the boat inspection. What happened?! You may be wondering. There was about three drops of water that came out of the motor so we failed. Why?! You may be asking. Because they are so concerned about mussels being spread between lakes that if your boat is wet AT ALL, then you fail and have to wait 5 days before you can be reinspected. Sooooo, we are trying it again this week. I know we’ll pass the inspection this week. The thing will be completely bone dry at this point, its the launching & trailering that will be the test. {whispering} It’s the first time we’ve done it and I’m a little nervous.

My Pumpkin has moved up to the next class in her pre-school/day care. She is a Shining Star now! Ohhhh Ahhhh. She started yesterday & she’s thrilled because she is once again in the same class as her bestestfriendinthewholewideworld!!! Yes, I smooshed all the words together on purpose.

My desk is a disaster area & should probably be condemned. I still don’t want to do a damned thing about it though. So moving on…. how about this crazy weather were having, huh?!

I see that they’ve made a movie from the book “My Sister’s Keeper” which was one of our previous book club selections. We’ve decided to ATTEMPT to pick a date that works for all of us & go to the theater to partake of this here film. I’m wondering how far it will veer from the book – cause there is no question that it will veer – it’s just a question of how far will if veer.

Guess that about does it for this week. Gonna hit the hay before it gets too much later. Want to get up early to do my exercises. Wait?! Did I just say that I WANT to get up to do my exercises? Am I feeling alright?? Maybe I should go take my temperature….

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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