Tell Me Thursday – 11th Edition


You know what? It’s Thursday again. To be precise, it is the end of Thursday cause its 10:10pm and I’m finally wrapping this up. I KNOW. I know. I know. Now that I’m done flipping out about ANOTHER week gone I’ll get on with the TMT. So this WW post from yesterday was of the Barbie doll my little Pumpkin left lounging on my desk. How these toys always find their way to my desk is a mystery to me. They’re never abandoned on the gremlin’s FATHER’S desk. No. Just mine. Aren’t I lucky? As if my desk wasn’t messy enough without adding random toys, dolls, parts, and pieces.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


2 thoughts on “Tell Me Thursday – 11th Edition

  1. It’s amazing the stuff that gets left in places. Maybe she was so overcome she just had to rest in her lovely bed……..can you see that 🙂 j/k I don’t even ask anymore why X is here. Just take it away please. Enjoyed your story.

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