Friday Faves


Welcome, welcome! It be Friday again. You may or may not have noticed that there was no Friday Faves last week…. I can explain. I was ever so slightly busy. So that means you get another SUPERCHARGED edition of Friday Faves!! Throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care. Woot. Pretty sure I warned ya’ll about my flakiness. But I’ll try to be better in the future. Pinky Promise. Anywhoozlebee! On with the FAVES.

This has to be the STUPIDEST looking car that I have seen – ever. And it made the husband & I laugh so hard we were crying. Literally. Because, well, as if I have to explain it?! I mean really, look at it!! How is this cool? It looks like the wheels should be on a covered wagon for Pete’s sake. In fact! The husband called it a modern day covered wagon. Go ahead, take a moment to laugh.

How awesome is this?!! It’s Friggin’ awesome. We need to be constructing EVERYTHING this way from now on. As far as I’m concerned. Wouldn’t you agree?

Wanna do some shopping? Take a look at these t-shirts. Love.

Well this is certainly interesting. I wonder how the people that live here feel on a day to day basis?

This kinda stuff makes me want to vomit. Hold on, I’m throwing up, right now.

Yes, I concur, completely and wholeheartedly. What about you? Where do you sit on the discipline fence?

We’ve had our head in the sand for far, far, far too long.

Wow. Really, just wow. Tell me this doesn’t blow your mind.

Personally, and what is this if not my personal beliefs, I think that women can tolerate pain better than men. But this article paints a different picture.

Since I can’t ever resist LOLcats…
funny pictures of cats with captions

Don’t forget about the Mister Linky! And have some fun.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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