Tell Me Thursday – 10th Edition


Soooooo, it’s only ONE whole week later, but I’m finally surfacing from the abyss and telling you all about my little ol’ WW post. From a week ago. *ahem*

My WW post from last week (did I mention it was from last week?) is of my little Pumpkin getting her white belt in karate. HOW CUTE is she????! Yep, she is the youngest in her class and clearly the smallest but she was absolutely determined to start karate as soon as she was old enough. She wanted to be just like sissy who is beginning her Black Belt preparation.

Which means ~for me~ that I am now at the karate studio 4 days per week. Every week. Fun stuff. At least there is free WIFI here! Woot!

In one more week, she will test for her next level. Already. I know, I know, I know.

Thanks for listening or reading (if you must be technical),

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