Friday Faves


Hi Friday!! So glad you’re here!! This week’s Friday Faves is SUPERCHARGED only because it is really two Friday Faves in one. I left town last Friday for a weekend bachelorette party and was suitably distracted away from posting my faves for the week. Therefore, you get an awesomely awesome, extra big, with more links post this week. Please to enjoy!

Are you kidding me with this? No? For real someone, a “professional”, made this cake? Hahahahaha!

Interesting. We’re all a bunch of liars? Probably, by that article’s definition.

Oh, yeah, this is one nice piece of property. Too bad for me that I’m not in the market.

Aren’t hedgehogs the cutest????! Squeee!
funny pictures of cats with captions

I can’t beat the caption on this FU Penguin picture. What is even going on here? I’d like to know…

Given the recent news on swine flu, how do you rank in the Parents vs. Germs war? I’m probably more on the lax than the vigilant side.

And here is another swine flu reference but with more of a comical spin. At least I thought it was comical. And they are spinning.

Thanks to sweetney for introducing this site to me. Check out this hysterical, but wrong on so many levels, first dictionary. Yet, still hysterical.

FAIL!!!! Worse construction of a driveway EVAH! So maybe it’s really a WIN!!

Debate! Although, I think I’m gonna stay outta this one. And no doubt there will be INTENSE debate over this subject.

Just found Five O’Clock Ninja from twitter – he’s @haavoc if you’re interested – and saw this on his site! Hahahaha. Go on, take a look, it’s funny… especially if you like cute animals doing stupid stuff.

So that wraps up another week. Remember, if you want to do your own Friday Faves, then use the Mister Linky below AND get on it!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

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