Friday Faves


Hello? Friday? You’re here already?! The HELL. Well, since it’s true, I might as well share my selection of Friday Faves for your amusement this week… at least I hope it will be amusing to you. If not, then meh. AND! Don’t forget there is a Mister Linky way down at the bottom of this extra long post if you want to participate!

I’m not entirely decided whether it’s easier being a mom today or not. There are definitely pros & cons for being a mom in any particular decade. Would you agree with this Best and Worst things about being a Mom today?

Because I CANNOT get enough of this woman’s brilliance. This post made me blow snot out my nose ~from laughing~ due to the allergies I’m suffering from with this DAMN CRAZY weather we’re having. See if it doesn’t hit your funny bone.

This is me in cat form cause I hate to be left out of stuff. There’s a party happening somewhere & I’m not included, I JUST KNOW IT.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

This lovely lady in my Bloglines reader did a post about winning a contest and I wish I’d won that contest because aren’t these so adorable??! And I totally want them now! Hmmm, shopping?

Since I know I’m not the only one that needs time away… this cute book gives you some playful ideas and the illustrations are charming to boot.

Do precious animals make you swoon? Or want to shout obscenities? This is more like the latter… and hilarious.

And finally, this post. Go read it and let me know if it is as disappointing and disheartening to you as it is to me as a mom raising two girl children.

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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