Tell Me Thursday – 9th Edition


Welcome to another edition of Tell Me Thursday! This funtabulous meme gives us all a chance to share the facts, feelings, details, whathaveyou of the photograph we’ve used in our Wordless Wednesday post. If you saw my WW post, then you’ll know it’s a photo of a swimming pool. But not just any swimming pool…noooooo… the Hard Rock Hotel swimming pool in Las Vegas. Ooooooh Yeahhhhh.

Isn’t it pretty? Notice all the lovely people? How about the cabanas in the background? How about the palm trees? What you don’t get from looking at the photo was that the weather was delightful with a faint breeze & mid-80 degree temp, a slammin’ DJ, and awesome drinks.

Why was I there? The husband & I were out in Las Vegas for a few days of R & R. We got 3 free nights stay at MGM Hotel plus he used Southwest travel vouchers for our airplane tickets and VOILA we got a great trip at no cost to us. Well, no travel cost anyway. The gambling cost was just a tiny bit more than no cost. *cough, ahem*

Anyway, a friend of ours runs a company called Citivision and when we told him we’d be out that way he invited us to chill at the pool in the cabana he had for the day. We spent about 5 hours hanging out with cool peeps & truly enjoying ourselves. It was exactly what I wanted to do for the day. Oh, and this was when I tried Three Olives Vodka for the first time. HELLO deliciousness, where have you been all my life?? You gotta try this stuff, I’m telling you!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),

2 thoughts on “Tell Me Thursday – 9th Edition

  1. It sounds like a really great time! I love those types of getaways (with free accommodations and airfare). The pool looks absolutely beautiful.

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