Friday Faves – Another week, another group of quasi funny things to check out and one really sad thing


Whoooooohoo, it’s Friday!! So, that means, if I’ve been on task, then I’ll have some Favorites for you to see. And! Since I have some how managed to stay on task, I DO HAVE things for your pleasure of viewing.

Note: I must start this with one extremely sad but important item.
I have been so troubled by the loss of a, far too young, child of people that I don’t even know except through twitter (@mamasphor) & this blog (don’t try to go there right now, they’re having technical difficulty due to the overwhelming response of those of us on the internet. I can not even fathom the loss of a child or the repercussions, reminders, unanswered questions or memories a parent would face daily after such a tragic event. Blognosh posted this in memory of Maddie on Wednesday. Go, read it, and donate to March of Dimes ~if you are so inclined~ on behalf of little Maddie and in support of the Sphors & other families. My heart goes out to Maddie’s family, these words can not even begin to describe my sorrow for your loss.

Now, to return to the regularly scheduled program….

I love the snarkyness of FU Penguin!! And if you have not seen the photos/posts, then get over there right now, I say! Prepare for snark. And insanely adorable animals. Or in this case, insanely jaded.

What? What is that? There might be consequences if I don’t get enough sleep? Get the hell outta here!

Evidently I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of the Segway. GadgetKing doesn’t like them either… or the new PUMA from GM and Segway.

Love twitter? Love to shop? Run, don’t walk to see shopping for the twitteraholic in all of us. Much cuteness to be had. In fact, I’m thinking I might get one or two of these goodies.

Holy Hell! We’re just making it easier & easier for bank robbers. There once was a time when the robbers had to go IN to a bank and steal money. Now we just let them at it. Well not intentionally. But having EVERYTHING for banking online certainly gives them easier access. Man that shite is scary to think about. Anyway, I’ll be right back, I gotta go pay my credit card bill online.

Thanks Stumbleupon! for introducing me to Project Happily Ever After and in particular this post on 26 Things No One Warned You About Being a Parent. You’ll recognize most of these I’m sure, if you’re a parent, but it’s still hilarious and true.

And finally, thanks to Tyler at Building Camelot for this link to incredible art made from the most unlikely source. Pretty impressive, huh?

Remember, if you like what I’m doing & want to participate, then create your own Friday Fave & add your link to the Mister Linky!!

Thanks for listening (or reading, if you must be technical),


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